AINE09 – Svarog – Mentality EP

Ukrainian Svarog lands in AINE opening the door to the small but interesting electronic scene of his country.

His productivity in the studio has placed him as one of the most prominent names in techno in Ukraine. With “Mentality EP”, Svarog defends his own sonic formula again: saturation and atmospheres; tectonic and, at the same time, cinematographic.  Buy it here.

“Cyclical Actions” opens the EP as a spring – no intro, straight to the point-. Submerged kick drums and galvanized textures dance with unrhythmical stabs placed intelligently. The result is a continuous, almost liturgical climax.

“Mentality”, on the other hand, is built around rhythm and how it plays, evolves and changes along the track. Svarog also plays with the intensity of the textures, building small but effective crescendos that lead, again, to that sensation of oniric and industrial continuum.

The unusual and intelligent way to understand and interpret Svarog techno is present throughout the EP.

Mentality EP

1- Cyclical Actions
2- Mentality

Support: Vince Watson, Doka, Ness, Amotik, Kessell, Ángel Molina, Raffaele Attanasio, DVS1, Oisel, Kr!z, Milton Bradley, Marcel Dettmann, Ntogn, Robert Lamart, Error Etica, Matrixxman, Raphael Dincsoy, Gloom, shlømo, Jonas Kopp, Sigha, Tommy Four Seven, Ruptur3, P.E.A.R.L., Kwartz, Truncate, Kike Pravda, Edit-Select, Arnaud Le Texier, Antro, Psyk, BNJMN, Oniks, Quail, Ribé, Blawan, Alderaan, Mental Resonance, JPJZ, François X, Aiken, Orde Meikle and Óscar Mulero.


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