Preview – Jonas Kopp & Pfirter – Seek EP – PoleGroup041

The Argentinian team brings the power of their knowledge back to our imprint with this split EP, a six track musical journey from drones to heavy kicks, with a bunch of intelligent techno in the middle.


The release starts with Jonas Kopp‘s “Grey Area”, a floating intro exploring the deepest frequencies in the sound spectrum. Next comes “Intelligent seeker”, with grooved synth toms, sharp hats and a naive oscillating sequence that runs free in the arrangement. Profound and aggressive at the same time.

The following number is “Akut”: dry kick, reverberated and panned continuous sequences, spiced with classic 909 workout.

Pfirter provides his intro with “Another Dimension”, a dreamy ambient piece to warm up for what comes next: “Euritmia”. Based on distorted kicks and sequences, “Euritmia” creates an obsessive rhythm that grows alongside the white noise washes during the whole track.

Closing the release is “Rising”, which starts with a cleaner beat approach, and once again works with white noises and modular lines to create tension and expectation. Micro percussions run along the groove, nicely adding spice to the hypnosis.

Jonas Kopp & Pfirter
Seek EP
Release date; 28/10

A1 – Jonas Kopp – “Intelligent Seeker”
A2 – Jonas Kopp – “Akut”
B1 – Pfirter – “Euritmia”
B2 – Pfirter – “Earth Rising”

1 – Jonas Kopp – “Grey Area”
2 – Jonas Kopp – “Intelligent Seeker”
3 – Jonas Kopp – “Akut”
4 – Pfirter – “Into Another Dimension”
5 – Pfirter – “Euritmia”
6 – Pfirter – “Earth Rising”


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